Seasonal menu

Januray / February

EPP formula 46€

  • Entrante (Starter)
  • Plato (Main course)
  • Postre (Dessert)

Harmony 3 glasses +15€

Starts with:
Obrador´s loaf and home made butter


Smoked burrata and bimi salad 15€

Yellow grapefruit, sesame vinaigrette and pistachios

Artichoke and chard from Tudela 16€

Iberian veloute (add tuber melanosporum +10€)

Marinated wild Bass 17€

Crispy vegetables, pickled onion and sour cream


Deer Tenderloin 25€

Navazo´s veggies and kumquat

Beef Cheeks 26€

Spring onions and pickles

Fish of the day 27€


Pears in verbena syrup 9€

Gorgonzola ice cream and hazelnut

Blood orange tartlet 9€

Crème brûle 9€

I.G.P Hazelnut icecream

Fine cheese selection 10€

VAT included